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About Me

Mira’s Craft was born in 2016, out of an artistic itch to do something with my creative side. I always aspired to start a business that was fueled by my passion that would give me creative satisfaction more than anything else. Art was the thing that I always kept turning to in various phases of life.


I started with paper quilling art as a hobby in 2010.
In the beginning, I made cards and envelopes for friends and family while juggling a full-time job. After 4 intensive years of practice and preparation, I received my first order in 2014, and in 2015. That was when I turned my passion into a full-time profession. For the last few years, I have been spending all my time on art and the results have been quite rewarding. I sold 30 frames within the first 8 months and it gave me the confidence to kick-start my business dream.
Today, I offer wall frames for home décor, gifts, interior design, and more under the brand name of Mira’s Craft – Mira being my beloved daughter.

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