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Inspiration and work

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Nature is my biggest inspiration. I follow the colors and textures of nature, see how plants grow, how shadows fall, and it forms the basis of my art. We’re so blessed to have an abundance of natural beauty all around us. I want to leverage the art that’s embedded in nature and bring it on paper for my customers.

How will you describe your work?

I am fascinated by all aspects of nature – vibrant flowers, colorful leaves, open sky, the ocean, sparkling water, etc. I selected paper as a medium to elaborate on my ideas and relate my art with the magic of nature. In my art, I prefer bright and bold colors to shine through every element. That’s why I even choose colorful papers to deliver meaningful creativity. Sometimes, I also paint around nature so that the open areas, gushing wind, and soothing sounds inspire my art in many ways.

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