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Wedge Brush - A Game-changer in my Watercolor Journey

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

My name is Swapna Khade from Pune, India and Mira is my kid, who has inspired by Mira’s Craft brand – a celebration of art and color.

My passion for art and painting led me to explore the world of watercolor and over the last 4-5 years, I’ve discovered a lot about art, aesthetics, emotions and myself every time I hold a brush in my hand.

Around 2.5 years ago, I bought Wedge Brushes for the first time, and I must admit, it took me a while to get started with them. I’ve been an art fanatic for years and continue to shop for art supplies from all around the world. This particular Wedge Brush was a part of my art collection back in Amsterdam, where I truly discovered my love for watercolor and floral patterns.

Once I started using the Wedge Brush, I was amazed by its smooth flow and the fluidity in designs it offers.

A Force of Nature

The wedge brush offers immense power to create some incredible natural elements. Personally, I do a lot of floral designs and make bookmarks, greeting cards, paintings, wall hangings, and more using this brush. I do want to try to create more natural elements like the ocean waves, the open skies and the lush green trees, too! But my first love is always floral patterns and their incredible combinations, colors and charms.

I also love exploring negative spaces with this brush, as it gives me the flexibility to design unique layouts and formats in all my creative endeavors. When I took part in the 365-day challenge, the wedge brush gave me a lot of scope to flaunt my design sense and bring new angles to floral aesthetics using colors and brush movements.

The Secret Weapon

As an artist, I always believe that the secret weapon isn’t the brush – it’s you. How well you perform with a new tool, how much time you give yourself to explore an art form and how you excel every day will determine the end results. Although I’m caught up with my toddler, home responsibilities, professional commitments and more, I make art a priority every day and it makes my day! Always remember – you’re the secret weapon to creative genius!

Tips for Users Who Want to Start Using the Wedge Brush

I use Beste Fountain Creative Mark brush. A wedge brush is known for its triangular cross-section of the bristle, compared to round ones in most brushes. The tip is then cut with a bias, creating a pointy tip – similar to the normal round brush. However, these are quite uncommon and unusual brushes, to say the least! When you start using wedge brush, pay attention to the strokes and the angles. Your wrist movements will make a lot of difference in the end result on paper. My best advice is always the simplest one – spare at least 10 minutes every day on art and you’ll be an artist that celebrates your passion!

Supplies Used for Creating my Designs:

1. Watercolors

Daniel Smith - Art Philosophy - Winson and newton watercolor - 2. Wedge brushes

Purchased from Etsy online shop FoxandQuills -

3. Paper

I prefer to use handmade 100% cotton paper. I buy them from local shops to support local business and love the quality they offer. Canson 300 GSM cold press paper is one of my favorites and works exceptionally well with the Wedge Brushes!

“Art is too Important Not to Share”

I continue to experiment with watercolors every day. Some days, my mind takes me down a forest; other days, it’s a local garden and many times, I also go down the ocean to explore the weeds and sea plants!

My obsession with the wedge brush continues to grow on me. It’s given me the ability to color my imagination, and I would love to share my experiences and tutorials with anyone who’d like to explore this technique.

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